Vizi - Live looping - The chaos in my mind

23. Jun. 2020, 19:30 Uhr

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Vizi – producer, songwriter and singer. He learned to play guitar all by himself when he was 14 – then came other instruments, but his main one always remained the bass guitar. He was a member of many bands until 2012 when he took part in The Voice of Romania and became known in the whole country as a singer. In 2014 Vizi took part in the Eurovision national Selection both as a singer and as a

Currently he is working on his debut solo album, collaborating with local and international artists, he is a member of the production team at HaHaHa Production, composing soundtracks for movies and theater plays, commercials and everything music-related.

His original songs are influenced by pop, jazz, soul, R&B, funk and 70’s disco music.

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