Treetop presents: The Irrational Library (US/NL)

03. Jul. 2020, 20:00 Uhr

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The Irrational Library - Goodtimerocknrollspokensoul- boogieforyourbrainsfunkedupfreedompartyprotestmusic, Alright! - a full frontal force of spoken word poetry and hip shaking, bootie quaking, bad ass musical bump for your cerebral lump. Fighting the good fight against bad music and having a great time doing it. Lifting you up as we all get down. Featuring Haarlem- town’s city pastor Tom de Haan on baritone sax and guitar, multi-talented musical producer Mishal Zeera on bass, percussion prodigy Lars van der Weiden on drums and the spoken word wisdom of Joshua Baumgar- ten. The Irrational Library, where the MC5, Morphine and Gil Scott-Heron come together and take the love of music back to the battlegrounds of the forefront of the mind. 

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