Treetop presents: Bare Jams

12. Jun. 2020, 20:00 Uhr
Dieser Stream ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und war nur für das Live Vergnügen gedacht. | Unfortunately this is no longer available as it was just thought for the live experience. :)
Due to lockdown restrictions Bare Jams have had to strip right back for this one. Here to have some fun regardless!
Bare Jams captures the sounds of that one summer you’ll never forget. Starting out as the passion project of Ollie Coombes and Sam James, the band has grown and evolved from the modest duo busking in 2011, into the full fat festival force it is today. Now a six strong collective, the members come together to blend a tight fusion of genres, seamlessly mixing flavours of reggae, dub, soul, pop and ska into a unique, collaborative sound. This sound is delivered with exuberance and relentless energy, creating a stage presence radiating love and good times. Never losing this joie de vivre, their multifaceted lyrics offer insight into a journey of highs and lows, struggles and triumphs; their veiled metaphors provide listeners with the opportunity to find solace in their own interpretations of the words, coupled with a solid backbone of eternal optimism which is delivered via the music.
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