03. Nov. 2021, 12:00 Uhr @ LOFFT - DAS THEATER - Online

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When is dance professional? This much-discussed question acquires an increased relevance when current visual expectations are challenged by the dancers on stage.

Knowing that traditional criteria are not sufficient, the symposium UNPROFESSIONAL WORLDS?
with dance critics, curators, scholars and other experts will explore questions of quality criteria, processuality and power, taking into account special knowledge(s) and needs that make up mixed-abled dance.

Furthermore, the study MOVE2GETHER!, commissioned by LOFFT
DAS THEATER and the FORWARD DANCE COMPANY will be presented during the conference. Authors Ulrike Nestler and Fabian Chyle conducted a field study based on a Germany-wide survey with the aim to identify necessary framework conditions for mixed-abled dance to be practiced under professional circumstances.

The conference will be held in
German and English translation as well as in German sign language. Two of the working groups are in English.

The event will be streamed live via
except for the session in the working groups from 12:20 to 13:00. More information will follow.

On November
2nd and 3rd there will INSIGHTS into the FORWARD DANCE COMPANY at LOFFT DAS THEATER. On November 3rd INSIGHTS will be audiodescribed.


12:20 Welcome and introduction
Anne-Cathrin Lessel and Gustavo Fijalkow

13:30 14:00 Key-Note: Michael Turinsky

14:15 Presentation of the results from the working groups

15:45 Panel discussion
Prof. Dr. Stephan Brinkmann, Dr. Fabian Chyle-Silvestri, Gerda König, Isabella Spirig, Arnd Wesemann, Moderation: Dr. Gustavo Fijalkow

The conference will be held in German language and English translation as well as in German sign language.
This is the streaming link for the English translation.

Any questions regarding the stream? Please contact us at tickets[at] or +49 341 355 955 192

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