Steeldriver | Biergartenkonzert | Die Kantine

15. Aug. 2020, 20:00 Uhr @ Die Kantine

We decided to go to SWEET HOME ALABAMA but got lost on the HIGHWAY TO HELL. A SHARP DRESSED MAN stopped us and asked: “ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY”? We JUST GOT PAID and had WHISKEY IN THE JAR so we said “Sorry no, we don’t have the KEY TO THE HIGHWAY”. Soon, we at last passed ANGEL CITY, only to realize it wasn’t HEAVEN NOR HELL and we were BACK IN BLACK. It was then we started TAKIN´ CARE OF our BUSINESS, and this we can do really well. People that know us think we were BORN TO BE WILD, but that ain’t true, we just gotta WHOLE LOTTA LOVE and they can’t see it ‘cos there’s too much SMOKE ON THE WATER. But the smoke is starting to clear now, and everyone can see the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL TRAIN coming – so everything is ALL RIGHT NOW.

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