Startup Nation to Mittelstand Pilot Project Demo Day

14. Sep. 2020, 14:00 Uhr @ STARTPLATZ

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The cooperation programme #Startup Nation To Mittelstand brings Israeli top startups
together with companies from the Rhineland.
In a series of webinars, eight companies from the Rhineland exchanged ideas with some of
the best industrial 4.0 startups from Israel, gained deep insights into the Israeli startup
ecosystem and worked on pilot projects over the summer months. The corresponding
challenges were defined by German companies and the participants presented their
innovative technologies and solutions in virtual matchmaking sessions. Other topics included
the role of the Israeli army in the Israeli startup ecosystem, support for companies entering
the Israeli market and the relevant contact persons.
This event will present the individual pilot projects and report on the experience gained
from the cooperation between Israeli startups and companies from the Rhineland.