Simão Reis live from Lisbon

01. Jul. 2020, 18:30 Uhr

Born in Trofa and recently based in Lisbon after living for a few years in Bragança, Simão Reis is a multi-instrumentalist and a rare writer of old-time songs. With a strong poetic strand, intrinsically acoustic, Simão taught himself to compose all of his songs at home. Whether with guitar, bass, drums or harmonica, his capacity for composing in layers is always highly focused on the poems he composes in his daily life. Poems worthy of a modern Fernando Pessoa, that talk about the city, about the mismatched loves and the ability to see the extraordinary in the mundane. After creating several band projects, Simão Reis finally debuts with the launch of his homonymous project with contagious and genuinely Portuguese chorus songs in which the characteristic electric guitar echoes in the spaces where his northern voice rests.

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