PYANOOK x Håkon Stene – Summer Session

23. Jul. 2020, 20:00 Uhr

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On a bright June evening, pianist and digital music pioneer Ralf Schmid aka PYANOOK invites percussionist and sound wizard Håkon Stene to his Blue Hour Livestream series at Humboldtsaal, Freiburg. The artists create a soundtrack to the peaceful evening twilight above the roofs of Freiburg combining the grand piano and a huge percussion set with electronics. Midsummer Music starts with contemplative nordic-flavoured compositions by PYANOOK and leads into an energetic version of Radiohead´s „Everything in its right place“. It is the very first collaboration of an exceptional duo.
With PYANOOK, Schmid unlocks whole new potentials for the piano and live performances. While technology is often employed in acoustic pieces on a post-production level, to modify or add layers to existing sounds, Schmid employs it from the inception. To do so, he turned to a special and groundbreaking piece of music technology, the gloves, which allow him to digitally manipulate the sound of what he plays on the piano instantly by his hand gestures only. The compositions come to life with every movement of the pianist, becoming intrinsically and physically connected to him. Every slight turn of the wrist, every bend of a finger alters the sound emanating from the piano in unique ways.
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