Punkhock Hamburg präsentiert: Jam Today & The Beasts

05. Jun. 2021, 17:30 Uhr @ KNUST
KNUST Hamburg
Moin Moin, 
Good News!
 Punkhock Hamburg präsentiert:
Jam Today & The Beasts    
Wir freuen uns, daß Jam Today & The Beasts Euch und uns den Abend versüßen wollen,
in dem wir ihr Konzert live auf dem Lattenplatz und in Eure Wohnzimmer streamen werden.  

Hello friends and supporters of Hamburg Punk Rock - here is the next part of our concert series


We are happy to be able to announce that Jam Today & The Beasts want to sweeten the evening for you and us by playing a streaming concert live from the Knust directly into your living room.

Get ready for a surprise host, loads of gossip in the stairwell and look forward to having a good time!



If you like, you can support the event with a drink from the virtual menu.


We love you!

Punk Rock Hamburg

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