OBEN LIVE #5 - Sun Daze

02. Jul. 2020, 20:29 Uhr @ Berlin

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We love contemporary music so much that we made it our job. As a live music agency we organize bookings and concerts in Berlin.
Unfortunately we got a worldwide pandemic going on and everything is cancelled. Yeah we miss concerts too. Also, we don’t like limits. So we created a brand new weekly music streaming format. The goal of this project is to bring together what belongs together: artists and audience. It’s kind of a win/win situation: you can stay at home safe, enjoy your favourite music & support amazing artists and people who are not as safe as us.
The concerts will be streamed here on Facebook and are completely free ( but you can drop a donation via Paypal: artists@obenofficial.com )

We support the organization www.seebruecke.org with a part of the donations.

Sun Daze is that room of my own. A place I’ve been looking for for a long time.
Over the years the piano, especially at night, became that place where I would not feel insufficient or under pressure, an intimate place of absolute freedom.
These 88 keys are a world of their own, where everything is allowed and nothing expected. It can be 3 notes you play in a loop for hours and you feel good because you created that sound for yourself, just for yourself. You treat yourself good, you give yourself time, you care.
The Cat Elliot EP is the result of this process through hundreds nights and good times.
Sun Daze is dedicated to self care, self love and self expression. Whatever the room of your own might be. Build it, find it, explore it, paint it. Whether you share that with the world or not. Become your own little gang out of the room of your own.

This is Sun Daze. This is the Cat Elliott.

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