NUDI TRA I MUSICANTI The Stay Home Concert

03. Aug. 2020, 20:30 Uhr @ EXIL
EXIL live. music. club.

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EXIL Livestream an neuer Stelle:

Unter starten wir in die dritte Dimension des Livestreams. 


NUDI TRA I MUSICANTI   The Stay Home Concert

A few months back we were about to rock Europe (or, well, part of it... 😛 )

A lot of things have changes since then, a lot of our life is not even nearly the same,
but we are still here, and we never stopped! During these months of self-isolation,
remote work and online meetings, we have rehearsed, we have produced, we have drunk
unspecified amounts of unspecified liquids, and now we are ready!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a with great joy that we announce our next gig on August the  3rd!!!
The place could not be anywhere else than your own lovely home !
Because the concert will be streamed live from our beloved "Home":
the EXIL of Göttingen, starting at 20.30! ❤

In the meantime stay tuned and stand by: N3M is on the way with a colourful set,
old glories and a number of new pieces, presented to you for the first time!

We have some suprises planned the night and we have setup a Zoom meeting room,
so that you can join us and cheer us (of cause you have to turn on your webcam for this ;) )
and give us at least a little piece of live audience feeling we all love to expierence together.

So go ahead and connect here throughout the concert:

Since the concert will be streamed live and for free, we run on beer and cheesy music... but
Exil doesn't! So please consider to use our gig as an occasion for helping out one of the last
bastions of Culture!!

Included in the streaming portal is a neat funding system, where you can buy virtual items
like hugs, drinks or tickets. So please give as much as you can to save this wonderfull live
club and the people who run it 🙂
Also note - the video production is supported by our friends from
TusitalaMovies ( which provide us with their knowledge
and equipment.