Megan Lara Mae at INDOOR INSPIRED Festival 2020

25. Jun. 2020, 19:25 Uhr @ gigmit
Indoor Inspired Online Showcase by gigmit

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Megan Lara Mae is “at home in the powerful electro pop space”(Atwood Mag) amidst the “strong women making raw, authentic music with artists like Gracey, Fletcher or L Devine”(Spotlight UK), through developing a sound that is underpinned by classical training and stretched by working with Wintermeyer on her debut EP ‘Into Daylight’, with the lead single ‘Caribou’ quickly becoming an anthem for her live performances.

With support from BBC Radio, the 2019 DrakeYolanda Songwriter & Producer Award under her belt and recently being heard on ‘Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!’ MLM is ready to release new material that sits confidently in the shifting pop sphere.


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