Lagerfeuer Deluxe präsentiert Daisy Grow Yellow Solo (Live Stream)

24. Apr. 2020, 20:00 Uhr

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Wir werden kreativ und bringen Euch das Lagerfeuer Deluxe im Live Stream in Eure Wohnzimmer. Wir freuen uns Daisy Grow Yellow im Solobetrieb begrüßen zu dürfen, die uns 1 Stunde lang die lethargische Zeit versüßen wird.

This is the story of two tall Germans and one shorter American who wanted to start a band. They’d been making music together for a while and the sniff of a collective project was so inviting that they finally gave in to it. This new old group has been working on their debut release since the summer of 2018 and is ready now with a short list of songs that introduce them as Daisy Grow Yellow.  This EP serves up stories of struggle and triumph, drums that kick in all the right places, basslines to make you weep. Philosophically speaking D.G.Y. is the child of an unapologetic optimism and a celebrating resilience for human life on this planet; a pop music thrill ride of life’s familiar ups and downs, a blood pumping type of band. The mission is to show how beautiful the simple victories of growing can be. Look, a daisy is nothing spectacular, except when you really see it. So, here they are, bold, colourful and ready.

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