KÜNSTLERTREFF - Im Gespräch mit Lisa Nelson - SOFORT Improvisationstage

27. Nov. 2021, 20:30 Uhr
ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Lisa Nelson, die Entwicklerin der Tuning Scores, wird per Zoom zu unserer gemütlichen Tuning Lounge geschaltet. Gemeinsam mit ihr, den Performer:innen und den Zuschauer:innen vor Ort sprechen wir über die Entstehung, die Entwicklung und die Denkart

der Tuning Scores. Welche Werte, Werkzeuge und persönlichen Geschichten bilden die Philosophie der Arbeit – und wie können diese im Alltag – gesellschaftlich, politisch, sozial – übersetzt und gelebt werden?

Moderation: Bryce Kasson




This first edition of the Sofort Improvisationstage Festival is focused on the work of Lisa Nelson, in particular her approach to dance improvisation called Tuning Scores. Originally imagined with Lisa being here in person, in conversations she has contributed much to the shape and scope of the festival. However, the pandemic's unpredictable effects on travel made it impossible for her to be here in Cologne. We are happy to have this opportunity to be in virtual conversation with Lisa from her home in Vermont.

Lisa Nelson, player of Tuning Scores, explorer of the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement, is intrigued by dance behavior, systems of transmission and translation, patterns of surviving culture, and the sense of imagination. Improvisational dance, thriving on values of collaboration, dialogue, and flexible survival strategies, has been at the core of her artistic practice. Editing in many mediums has been a life practice, including Contact Quarterly dance journal since 1976.  Her writings are accessible on MovementResearch.org Critical Correspondance, and oralsite.be/pages/Anthology-Lisa-Nelson. She lives in Vermont, USA.