Komfortrauschen Live aus dem Gretchen

10. Apr. 2020, 21:00 Uhr

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Step into the darkness. Can you taste the sweat-filled air? Can you stand the pressing heat? The driving
energy grips you in a deadly embrace. Let the rhythm absorb you, your blood turn to oil. You become part
of the machine, the machine that is driven by the motor of Komfortrauschen. Three precision-obsessed
control freaks that have honed their craft to a German industrial perfection. An uncompromised sound
welded together from propelling drums, deep unrepentant bass lines and a searing guitar that bites
through like acid. They convert their mechanical energy into hedonistic live techno that is impossible to
resist. Only thing is, there is no emergency stop!
Komfortrauschen is a live band from Berlin that creates the powerful sound of a techno DJ set in their very
own analogue fashion with traditional instruments, filtered through an impressive array of pedals and
Imagine a punk band trapped inside a drum computer, the Prodigy being a Berghain resident, Richie
Hawtin meets Rammstein. The pure ecstasy and machine accuracy of techno enriched with the fresh
energy and playfulness of a live band.
Since the band was formed in 2014, Komfortrauschen have played regularly in famous German clubs like
Sisyphos, Kantine am Berghain and Kater Blau as well as all over Europe and beyond. Now they're about
to hit the stages worldwide!


The donations will go to Sea Watch, Gretchen + helping hands, Komfortrauschen, berta.berlin.

Thanks for your support!

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