18. Apr. 2022, 21:00 Uhr @ KNUST
KNUST Hamburg

For all those who cannot be there, we will broadcast the concert by Carlton J Smith on April 18 at 8pm CET as a livestream. If you like the show please feel free to donate what you want at our virtual bar. 👉👉👉

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Living in America in a time when far too many in power are completely devoid of Soul, it takes a Super Soul Man to keep the scales tipped to at least a Detroit lean for ‘stone to the bone’ balance!

THAT brother is Carlton Jumel Smith.

Mr. Smith is a world-renowned, honest to ‘Good-God’ Soul Man – a self-made singer, songwriter, producer and actor who has set concert stages on fire from Shanghai and Helsinki to Russia, Turkey, London, France and, of course his hometown New York City. He has released several recordings including 2019’s critically acclaimed 1634 Lexington Avenue via Timmion Records / Daptone Records. He had the honor of portraying his greatest musical hero, James Brown, in the Barry Levinson film “Liberty Heights” (1999), and had a lead role opposite Cyndi Lauper in the off-Broadway musical “Largo” (about the life of Czech classical composer Antonín Dvořák). Above all, Mr. Smith is an entertainer, fortified by the traditions of golden eras past yet with razor sharp ears and eyes for the platinum-plus present. And like so many self-respecting Soul men, Mr. Smith lays first credit due at the feet of his mother, Ms. Corrine Brown.

Carlton Jumel Smith is a Soul Man of the highest order. His passion for the music, the good people of the earth, and his belief in the principles of Love, Peace and Harmony, are solidly grounded “On The One.”

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