James Payne at INDOOR INSPIRED Festival 2020

26. Jun. 2020, 20:15 Uhr @ gigmit
Indoor Inspired Online Showcase by gigmit

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Hailing from the seaside town of Torquay, James Payne wrote his first song at 15 in an attempt to impress a girl.

The endeavour proved fruitless, and the girl in question is now married (to someone else).

Unperturbed, James continued to write songs. He listened to his mum’s cassette tape collection, which introduced him to the likes of David Bowie, Billy Joel, and Paul Simon, whilst he recorded songs by Ed Sheeran and John Mayer off the radio. He performed at open mic nights, and opened for touring artists when they appeared at venues in his hometown. He moved to Germany for 2 years and played over 100 shows.

Fast forward to 2019 and James is an established singer-songwriter now based in London, having appeared at venues and festivals across the UK and abroad.
He is currently working on his debut EP which is due to be released in early 2020.

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