Hypothetic Bodies

18. Sep. 2021, 19:00 Uhr @ Maschinenhaus Essen

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Hypothetic Bodies 

Audiodescription (german): https://dringeblieben.de/videos/hypothetic-bodies-audiodeskription


In modern functional systems such as economic, political, but also private systems, in which people move in the 21st century they should act as reflectively, quickly and effectively as possible. The contemporary body is subject to a specific time regime of acceleration: restless, dissected and hyperactive. Hypothetic Bodies breaks with this doctrine and explores the state of contemplation as an active gesture of questioning. Thereby the performance investigates bodies, sound and materialities that meet in a vacuum between action and stasis. In this extreme state, these bodies develop their own distorted rhythm, togetherness and temporality which always contain a notion of potentiality.

Due to the pandemic measures Hypothetic Bodies resulted in a film version in collaboration with the filmmaker Svenja Simone Schulte. The zoomed-in camera view allows the choreographic material to be explored in a different way. A cinematic dramaturgy of deceleration that follows the body closely evokes different bodily temporalities. Through specific editing, the body dissolves into individual parts and the space in which it moves becomes unidentifiable - a landscape that allows different bodies and temporalities to appear.

Concept, Choreography: Julia Keren Turbahn, Simone Gisela Weber

Performance: Simone Gisela Weber

Video Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Svenja Simone Schulte

2nd camera: Charlotte Grief

Sounddesign: Nikola Pieper

Costume design: Bettina Mileta

Light design, Stage design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo

Technical director: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo

Dramaturgical support: Vilja Mihalovsky

Movement coaching: Rachell Bo Clark

Dramaturgical support Editing: Dennis Vetter 

Production management: Alexander Schröder


Supported by

fonds daku - #takeaction      KSTNRW


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