28. Mai. 2021, 21:00 Uhr @ feldfünf

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available from 28.5.21 until 6.6.21

this place is a dump, a wasteland, a playground of a closed down gallery. behind these doors is a dead end, no one comes here by chance, very few by intention.

Would you come over? My world is whirled by stormy weather. The horizon leans constantly forward and I’ve lost order so time spits. My hands are empty. All around me and all around you are numbers of people constantly balancing things, fixing things, breaking things, humans-in-the-loop.

In the video performance handle with care, a group of performers seeks to embrace uncertainty and moments of limbo as a baseline for a current present and a reality yet to come. While teeming on the threshold of collapse and reconstruction they explore various situations through movement practices created through mechanics of live action role play.

After showdown, handle with care is the second work by choreographer Judith Förster to premiere as a video avatar through a collaboration with filmmaker Stella Horta. The physical space on which it is based is shaped by the movements of the dancers Hannah Krebs and Sunayana Shetty as well as objects by Martin Sieweke and André Uerba, texts by Isabel Gatzke and sounds by Fjóla Gautadóttir.

In addition, handle with care was accompanied by three radio shows in which voices and sounds, facts and fiction coincide, inviting listeners to experience a dance performance in an unusual way.

More info here: www.judithfoerster.de

In der Video-Performance handle with care versucht eine Gruppe von Performerinnen Ungewissheit und Momente in der Schwebe als default mode der Gegenwart zu begreifen. Während sie sich an der Schwelle von Kollaps und Konstruktion entlanghangeln, erforschen sie verschiedene körperliche Situationen durch Bewegungspraktiken und Live-Action-Role-Play-Mechanismen.

Nach showdown ist handle with care die zweite Arbeit der Choreographin Judith Förster, die durch eine Kollaboration mit der Filmemacherin Stella Horta als Video-Avatar Premiere feiert. Der ihm zugrunde liegende, physische Raum wird dabei von den Bewegungen der Tänzerinnen Hannah Krebs und Sunayana Shetty sowie den Objekten von Martin Sieweke und André Uerba, Texten von Isabel Gatzke und Sounds von Fjóla Gautadóttir gestaltet.

Darüber hinaus wurde handle with care von drei Radio-Show begleitet, in denen Stimmen und Sounds, facts und fiction zusammenfallen und die Zuhörer*innen einladen, eine Tanzperformance auf eine ungewohnte Art zu erleben.

Mehr Infos auf www.judithfoerster.de


concept, choreography, dance: Judith Förster

film concept, camera, editing: Stella Horta

dance: Hannah Krebs, Sunayana Shetty

text, dramaturgy: Isabel Gatzke

music, live audio performance: Fjóla Gautadóttir

set, costume and light design: Martin Sieweke, André Uerba

production: Sofia Fantuzzi

outside eye: Sigal Zouk

audio editing and mixing: Mathias Steiner

special thanks to Neila Kemmer, Linda Weidmann, Sangwon Nam (Sani), Merel Steenbrink

everyone involved in the making of the performance was involved in the making of this film - Judith Förster, Isabel Gatzke, Sofia Fantuzzi, Hannah Krebs, Sunayana Shetty, Fjóla Gautadóttir, André Uerba, Martin Sieweke

supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

with the kind support of feldfünf and Theater Haus Mitte