Gretchen Stream: Recycle - Berlin's finest Drum'n'Bass presents YOOFEE

17. Sep. 2020, 20:00 Uhr @ Gretchen

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Yoofee - a talented musician originally coming from jazzmusic - has been making big waves out of Berlin in the last 2 years. He also is up and coming in the scene for his bass music productions. With releases on Through These Eyes Records, Sub Garden, Indigo Movement, Dark Real Dark, The Dreamers, Infernal Sounds and more to come it’s hard to place Yoofee’s style in a single genre, which has been one of the reasons his productions are receiving such positive feedback from producers from more than one bass camp. Yoofee's versatile sound features razor sharp percussion's, rumbling sub-bass and a ton of organic grooves. Check him out here:

Because of Corona, Gretchen is closed since mid-March. That is why the club is now presenting music from the club into the living rooms of the world. If you like it, Gretchen would be happy to receive donations at the "virtual bar" to compensate for the total loss of income.

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