Gretchen Stream: Recycle - Berlin's finest Drum'n'Bass presents XENON

18. Feb. 2021, 20:00 Uhr @ Gretchen

Xenon is a DJ and producer based in Berlin, Germany. His mind is wrapped around the darker side of the music spectrum and from time to time he takes an excursion into the more melodic side. Originally from Saarbrücken, Xenon grew up playing at the legendary club night “Tiefklang” and the night, it's vibe and the crew have still a huge impact on his sound. After his first gig at the Berlin based club night “Humanoid” he became a resident and one of the core members of the team. His love for hypnotic patterns and fast grooves let him into the depths of techno, techstep and early neurofunk productions. Those influences make their way into the budding producers work. And that’s why we can hear him play and produce Techno as well. His main goal now is to tear down the borders between Techno and Drum and Bass and bring his own imprint to the scene.
Xenon has already released on labels such as DSCI4, Delta9 and T3K, but you can be sure he has more releases in the pipeline and he's definitely one to watch in the future.

Because of Corona, Gretchen is closed since mid-March 2020. That is why the club is now presenting music from the club into the living rooms of the world. If you like it, Gretchen would be happy to receive donations at the "virtual bar" to compensate for the total loss of income.

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