Gretchen Stream: Recycle - Berlin's finest Drum'n'Bass presents VALI NME CLICK

21. Jan. 2021, 20:00 Uhr @ Gretchen

As both parents are professional singers and multi-instrumentalists, Vali grew-up in a musical surrounding in Ulm/ South-Germany, in touch with many musical styles from an early age. In 1994 he started DJing and founded the 'NME Click' with a collective of friends. Still active, they earned their stripes through being one of the earliest crews that helped to shape a Jungle / Drum&Bass scene in Germany.

Their productions found homes on labels such as DSCI4, Basswerk, Blue Saphire, Shadybrain and others. The 4-headed crew played at stages all over Europe, such as Sun&Bass (IT), Fields Of Joy (HU), Fusion, Splash, SonneMondSterne, Kings Of The Jungle and Breakzone and is renowned for their energetic Back-To-Back DJ-shows, accompanied by their MC Marvelous.

While still promoting the event-series 'Noir - Pitch Black Drum&Bass' and Touchdown' with NME Click in Ulm, since moving to the capital Vali NME Clickmade himself a name within the Hardcore/ Jungle communities: The 'Parallax - Obscurities from The Heyday Of Hardcore' events led to the birth of vinyl-label Parallax Recordings. The focus of the label lies on unearthing rare and deleted Hardcore, Rave and Jungle from the Golden Era and making it available to the music enthusiasts. 2021 sees the fifth birthday of the label. The tenth release will be a 5x12" vinyl- and digital-compilation entitled 'Message From The Parazone' that will drop in the first quarter of 2021 and features a whopping 20 tracks from greats of the scene such as Jack Smooth, Coco Bryce, Pete Cannon, Dead Man´s Chest and many more.

Because of Corona, Gretchen is closed since mid-March. That is why the club is now presenting music from the club into the living rooms of the world. If you like it, Gretchen would be happy to receive donations at the "virtual bar" to compensate for the total loss of income.

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