Gretchen Stream: Recycle - Berlin's finest Drum'n'Bass presents AYNAET

10. Dez. 2020, 20:00 Uhr @ Gretchen

Born in Greifswald and moving to Berlin at a very young age, Laura Wagner a.k.a Aynaet always had a strong connection with nature, being forest adventures and stargazing some of her regular activities with her dad as a child. By the time she was 9, Wagner developed an obsession for percussive instruments while forming part of multiple Budhist drum circles, doing her part with her personal favorite, the Djembe. Not long after that, she wanted to explore more, becoming a drumer, studying mainly deathcore and hardcore rhythms.
Laura fell in love with hard hitting and complex rhythms. That led her to discover Drum'n'Bass. Influenced by artists such as War and Allied, Aynaet started to grow her music collection, on her way, bumping into Burial, artist who catched her eye with his singular character and way to evoque dark and melancoholic atmospheres.
The DJ/producer has shared stages with Drum'n'Bass exponents such as Kyrist, Hyroglifics and Wintermute and is currently working on her debut material, taking action on the visual side as a photographer as much as in the music making side.

Because of Corona, Gretchen is closed since mid-March. That is why the club is now presenting music from the club into the living rooms of the world. If you like it, Gretchen would be happy to receive donations at the "virtual bar" to compensate for the total loss of income.

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