Eleven /Stay Home/ Green

03. Jun. 2020, 19:02 Uhr

Well yeah... all the tours and fests are canceled. But now more than ever people need music. From our studio/home to your screens. Let's rock this weird period of life.

Eleven Green band was formed in 2016 by guitarist and composer Khoren Mik Aelian. Since the release of its first instrumental album "Injacktion," the band has been in demand in both local and international music festivals. From early 2017 vocalist Nare Nikoyan joined the band and they little bit changed the musical direction adding lyrical and electronic sounds to their music. However the strong guitar sound creates the main character of their songs.In 2019 band has their first tour in Europe, playing concerts in Warsaw, Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Yerevan. Starting from 2020 band is releasing new song every single month (on 11th) and preparing new album release by the end of the year.
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