Dilruba Trio

07. Apr. 2022, 20:00 Uhr @ KNUST
KNUST Hamburg

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The persian word dilruba means captivating, mesmerizing. With this word, the task and effect of the Trio’s music is clear: it will captivate the hearts of its listeners.
With her highly versatile voice, Nilgün Aksoy selects a comprehensive repertoire of modal music, including traditional songs in Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Persian, Afghan, Greek and Sephardic language. The for the most part centuries-old lyrics are pervaded by metaphors and deal with deeply human issues like love, joy, separation and exile. Besides the high level of mastery which Efren Lopez developed on his multiple instruments, he also shows a great musical sensibility in interpreting pieces from very different music cultures. And Ertan Tekin, the very experienced master of the duduk, mey and zurna, creates incredibly powerful, sad and beautiful sounds, carrying us away.

Own instrumental composititions, newly arranged for the Trio, complete the traditional repertoire with contemporary modal music.


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