Andrea Belfi - "Hobocombo plays Moondog"

25. Apr. 2020, 20:00 Uhr

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For this very special solo performance Belfi will perform as Hobocombo, playing Moondog songs and performing with Moondog’s triangular shaped drum called the Trimba, and electronics.

Recorded and mixed by Hobocombo at Obst und Gemüse, January-March 2015
All compositions by Moondog
Francesca Baccolini: Korg MS-10, Ekdahl Moisturizer, Vocal samples
Andrea Belfi: Trimba, Percussion, Nord Modular Synthesizer
Rocco Marchi: Doepfer and Nord Modular Synthesizers, MFB-522, Guitar samples
Released by Stoned To Death on May 26th 2015 for the 99th Moondog’s birthday
released May 26, 2016

Hobocombo is actually Andrea Belfi at drums, percussion and voice, Rocco Marchi at guitar, synth and voice, Francesca Baccolini at double bass and voice. Hobocombo re-interpretes some of Moondog's pre-minimalist tunes, canon based songs and his odd snaketime rhythms with drums, double bass, electric guitar and voices.
The result are beautiful and hypnotic songs, with a contemporary psychedelic feeling.


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