Agata Karczewska at INDOOR INSPIRED Festival 2020

26. Jun. 2020, 19:25 Uhr @ gigmit
Indoor Inspired Online Showcase by gigmit

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Agata Karczewska is a Warsaw-based singer-songwriter who creates music which combine elements of American folk and country music.

At the core of her musically minimalistic style, is her distinctive vocal and the warm sounds of her acoustic guitar. She is self-taught as both a guitarist and vocalist and finds inspiration as well as the art of composition in the song writing traditions of her idols Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan.

In March 2019, original material where Agata Karczewska sings about sin, sensitivity and loneliness, was released on her debut LP, titled: I’m not good at having fun. Since its release, Agata has played in many Polish venues, and also performed in Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, France and the Czech Republic.

Agata has also appeared at a number of major festivals: Spring Break in Poznań, Halfway Festival in Białystok, Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Pol'and'Rock Festival, Jarocin Festival and Live at Heart in Sweden.


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