ACROPATHIE - Power Yoga Flow

17. Apr. 2020, 17:00 Uhr



Before we start, make sure you
1. have enough space (2x1m),
2. have a yoga mat or a non-slippery carpet beneath you,
3. wear comfortable clothes and
4. have a bottle of water close to you.
Your laptop should be in front of you at hip level.

About the workshop:

This Power Yoga Flow focusses on the body centre, where Manipura Chacra is located. We start slowly by warming up our joints and muscles to make the body smooth again. Afterwards, we use strengthening asanas like blanks, lower blanks and Shaturangas to send warm energy through the body. They work especially on the core and the shoulders in order to build up the body and strength on the longer run. We'll end up with stretching and relaxing postures for a final reward.

About me:

I am Eva and I teach AcroYoga, Yoga and Thai Massage in Berlin (Heilehaus e.V. and Humboldt University). I practice Yoga as well as AcroYoga since 2013 and received my teacher certificate from Gayatri Yoga School in Tenerife in 2015. In my classes I use Hatha Yoga as a general structure and add Power Yoga elements to build up strength. Breathing exercises, detailed analysis of asanas and a strong focus on correct lines form part of my training. If you are interested in my workshops, check out my website, fb, insta, or write me your Email for the newsletter (1x every three months).


Looking forward to connect with you in solidary isolation!

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