Wir freuen uns, dass du dabei bist! Hier findest du eine Anleitung zum Livestreaming auf Dringeblieben.

We’re excited to welcome you and your streaming event to Dringeblieben! (For English version see below)

Streaming über Laptop:

Streaming über Handy:

Empfohlene Einstellungen für das optimale Livestream-Erlebnis

Problemlösung für häufige Fragen

English version: This is how your livestream on Dringeblieben works:
Streaming on a computer:

Streaming on a phone:

1.       Download the software Larix Broadcaster

2.       You will receive an e-mail from us with a rtmp url and a stream key

3.       Open Larix Broadcaster, click on settings and then on connections, choose the “+” sign in the top right corner

4.       Under URL enter “rtmp url/stream key”

rtmp url: rtmp://rtmp-global.cloud.vimeo.com/live
stream key: 5l9c0ijwbj8k4kg8c8kc
End-URL: rtmp://rtmp-global.cloud.vimeo.com/live/5l9c0ijwbj8k4kg8c8kc

5.       Finally, just hit save and press the red record button, then you can start!
Before the live stream starts, there will be a test to make sure everything works.

We need the following information from you for the stream and supporter ticketing:

As soon as the stream/ supporter ticketing is up and running, you will get the according link from us so you can share it on all your channels. We charge 0,50€ and 8% per ticket (including payment fees). After the end of the ticketing, we will transfer you the according amount and issue an invoice. Your video will still be available after the live stream. Right now, we keepall ticketings open until the end of the year and will only close them when public events are once again allowed to take place.

Thank you for bringing cultural events to people’s homes!