Shifting Faces (NL) with English Audio Description

11. Mär. 2022, 14:30 Uhr

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SHIFTING FACES (NL) with English Audio Description
Dance piece by Joop Oonk & Misiconi Dance Company

2.30pm / Stream /  English with audio description / 30 mins

By Misiconi Dance Company | Artistic direction and choreography: Joop Oonk | Dramaturgy: Floor Cremers | Music: Ed de Vos Costume | Design: Esmée Thomassen | Performance: Mathilde Dirkzwager, Eric Heijmans, Suzanne Lamers, Jordy Ruhl, Claudia Scaringella, Manouk Schrauwen, Saskia Spierenburg, Enya Straver

Shifting Faces reflects on the versatility and diversity of humans and its polar opposite, the manufacturing of absolute uniformity. How synchronous, identical and flawless can we be as people in this society? What is 'the norm'? Using face masks, the body itself becomes the central, non-verbal storyteller in Shifting Faces. As in all of their pieces, Misiconi Dance Company questions normative thinking and the paradigm of equality and celebrates the difference of their dancers as their greatest asset. The unique physical and emotional strengths of dancers with and without disabilities create their aesthetic and expressive power.

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