OBEN LIVE #9 - Peter Broderick

30. Jul. 2020, 20:29 Uhr

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We love contemporary music so much that we made it our job. As a live music agency we organize bookings and concerts in Berlin.
Unfortunately, we got a worldwide pandemic going on and everything is canceled. Yeah, we miss concerts too. Also, we don’t like limits. So we created a brand new weekly music streaming format. The goal of this project is to bring together what belongs together: artists and audiences. It’s kind of a win/win situation: you can stay at home safe, enjoy your favorite music & support amazing artists and people who are not as safe as us.
The concerts will be streamed here on Facebook and are completely free ( but you can drop a donation via Paypal: artists@obenofficial.com )
We support the organization www.seebruecke.org with a part of the donations.
Born in 1987, Peter Broderick is an American-born multi-instrumentalist and singer, brought up in a musical household in Oregon.⁠
Inspired by John Cage‘s so-called mesostics his latest album Partners, a series of voice and piano recordings released in 2016, sees Peter experiment with chance, surrendering an entire song’s composition to the roll of dice. The composer closed the year with his equally exceptional Grunewald recordings — paying homage to the discrete yet majestic Grunewald Church, situated on the outskirts of Berlin, that's become a haven for an entire generation of contemporary composers.⁠
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