Gretchen-Stream: Monday Mix presents YUNIS

03. Aug. 2020, 20:00 Uhr @ Gretchen

The sound of Yunis is dynamic and intricate, but always bringing a full vibe that's capable of moving dancefloors and fuelling the imagination alike. Emanating a dark, multi-ethnic sonic pallette, he's not easily pigeon-holed due to his constant explorations across a vast landscape of multi-genre sonics. From sublime trap, to heavy juke, grimey bangers and halfstep that's sometimes hard-hitting, other times full of groove. His tracks have been showcased in a wide variety of respected portals from Noisia Radio, BBC Radio 1, Run the Trap, Indie Mag, YourEDM and many more. Releases to date have appeared on Neosignal, MethLab Recordings, Clap Your Feet, Don’t Die At Work, SATURATE!, Springstoff, Trap 93, and much more to come!

Feel the unique bass flavour!

Because of Corona, Gretchen is closed since mid-March. That is why the club is now presenting music from the club into the living rooms of the world. If you like it, Gretchen would be happy to receive donations at the "virtual bar" to compensate for the total loss of income.

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